Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt, Google penalties are complicated things, and we get a LOT of questions about penalties and how we remove them. Here are some of the most common questions:

What’s your success rate?

To date, we’ve had a 100% success rate lifting Panda and Penguin related Google penalties.  No exceptions.

How long does it take?

For link related penalties (ie, “unnatural links” notices), we can succeed in as little as 2 weeks (our record is 6 days!), but since we have no control over Google’s responses or turnarounds times, there is no definite time that we can commit to.

Can you guarantee that the penalty will be lifted?

We guarantee that we will continue to work until your penalty is lifted. We will not stop until such a time. We’ve never failed to lift a penalty and intend on keeping it that way.

How many penalties have you lifted?

At the time of writing this, we have successfully lifted over a hundred link-based penalties and numerous content-related penalties.

Do you actually remove links or just disavow them?

We do both. In reality, you will never be able to remove EVERY problematic backlink. Google created the disavow tool for this purpose and we make use of it as required.

How do you price your services?

The work is priced based on the size of the link profile (ie, how many links you have). More links = higher price. Our minimum fee is $1500.

Do you work with all industries?

We’ve worked in almost every niche, from finance to health to sports to gambling. Unless you’re doing something illegal, we’re happy to work with you.

Can you have a look at my site for free?

Yes, we provide a free assessment with our quotes. Request one here.

Do you offer a reseller/white-label service?

Yes we do – you can find more information on this by clicking here.

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