Who Are The Penalty Pros?

Penalty Pros is a niche service headed up by experienced SEO author and consultant, Derek Jansen. Derek has worked with hundreds of clients across industries, from local to hyper-competitive global markets. Derek has been featured in many industry leading publications, including:

Derek Jansen

Founder: Derek Jansen

  • Visibility Magazine (USA)
  • SpamFlag (International)
  • Memeburn (International)
  • SearchFuse (International)
  • MarketingWeb (South Africa)
  • Your Business Magazine (SA)
  • Succeed Magazine (SA)

Derek is a graduate of both Quirk/Red&Yellow School and the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland (DMI), and completed his MBA with distinction at the prestigious Henley Business School (UK). He is also a guest lecturer at the Vega School of Branding.

The Penalty Pros Team

The Penalty Pros team is powered by Nitch Marketing, a pioneering South African specialist search agency. Favourable exchange rates mean we can provide our international clients (primarily US & UK) with extremely good value for money, without the hassle of language and time-zone barriers.

We’re White-Label Friendly

We’re more than happy to work with SEO agencies, digital agencies, etc. In fact, about half of our clients fall into this category. You can find more information on this here.

Get In Touch…

If you’re sitting on the fence uncertain whether or not to work with us, get in touch. We’re happy to talk you through our process and philosophy. We’ll make you feel right at home. Go on!

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