Never Worry About Bad Links Again

link-protectionWe’ll Protect Your Backlink Profile

You’ve finally got that penalty removed and your links cleaned up – but, unfortunately, it does not end there. Google’s policy on unnatural links means that your website is always at risk of bad links and penalties in the future. Proactive backlink profile protection is essential – now more than ever.

Why Do I Need This?

It is essential that you monitor your backlinks on a regular basis to hedge against the risk of accruing another penalty and having to go through the entire removal process again – even Matt Cutts agrees. Let Penalty Pros eliminate that risk by manually auditing your new incoming links monthly. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Manual Analysis Of All New Links – We will review all new links to your site every month, up to 150 referring domains.
  • Disavow Of Problematic Links – We’ll nip bad links in the bud and eliminate your risk against future penalties and/or negative SEO.
  • New Links Report – We’ll prepare a report of all your (good) new links. By knowing where your quality links are coming from you can leverage this intelligence to gain more links and traffic.

Why Don’t I Just Do This Myself?link-lock

You certainly could, but its at least three to four days worth of manual work every month, and we’re sure you’ve got better things to do than trawl through links. Rather leave it to the Pros, and know you’re getting the best analysis and protection on a consistent basis.

What’s The Cost?

Our link protection package costs $299 per month – there are no commitments and you can cancel at any time. This package covers up to 150 new referring domains every month and is sufficient for 99% of websites. Simply order below and you’re protected.

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I Still Have Questions

No problem – get in touch with us by emailing – we’ll be glad to assist you.