Have you been unfairly penalized as ‘pure spam’?

While this penalty is usually reserved for excessively and intentionally spammy websites, Google does get it wrong from time to time and penalizes legitimate websites.

We’ll remove it, or your money back.

At Penalty Pros, we’ve successfully lifted 200+ Google manual actions (penalties) over the last 6 years with a 100% success rate. If we believe that your legitimate website has been unfairly penalized with a “pure spam” penalty, we’ll remove your penalty – guaranteed, or your money back.

Sample recoveries.

Below are some examples of penalty recoveries we’ve worked on previously. To see more success stories, click here.


The penalty removal process.

To remove the pure spam penalty, we begin by auditing your entire website to identify the cause(s) of the pure spam penalty. In the case of legitimate websites, there is often a small section of the site (even unknown to the webmaster) that is causing the problem.

We then develop an action to address the key issues (i.e. content problems) and work with your team to get your website compliant. Next, we compile a detailed reconsideration request, along with supporting documentation, and submit this to Google.

Typically, the penalty is removed first-time round. However, should this not be the case, we review Google’s feedback and take the necessary action before resubmitting. The vast majority of manual action penalties are removed within two reconsideration cycles.

Why choose Penalty Pros?

  • We’re penalty specialists, not generalist SEOs. We deal with penalties every day and know exactly what Google wants to see (and what it doesn’t).
  • We take a manual, human-driven approach to penalty analysis, which means we spot the issues that machines and “penalty removal tools” can’t.
  • Over the last 6 years, we’ve had a 100% success rate on manual penalty removals.
  • We guarantee that we’ll get your penalty removed, or your money back.
  • We provide a hands-off service – this is not a penalty removal tool or web application – we do the work, so you can focus on what’s important in your business.

Get a free penalty assessment.

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