Our Google penalty removal process, roughly speaking, works as follows:


Step 1: Manual Link Analysis

We start by manually analysing your backlink profile, reviewing each and every link against our strict quality criteria. What makes our service unique is that we manually review each link – ensuring that we keep the good and cut the bad. Unlike many services out there, we will never use machine analysis to assess your links.

Once we have completed our analysis, we provide you with the opportunity to review our classifications (should you wish) before moving ahead.

Step 2: Bad Link Removal & Disavow

Next we harvest email addresses for the offending domains and begin outreach to the relevant webmasters, requesting that they remove or edit the problematic links. We document this process for Google’s reference in the reconsideration phase. In addition to removing links, we also prepare and submit a comprehensive disavow file to ensure that all problem links are covered.

Step 3: Reconsideration & Success

Once the necessary work has been done, we submit a carefully crafted reconsideration request to Google which, based on our experience, includes all the information they want to see. We then await their response, which typically takes 2 weeks. If the reconsideration request is unsuccessful, we repeat the process until the penalty is lifted.

Successful Recon Request
Success! The standard spam action revocation message.

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