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If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably found that there are (inevitably) cheaper options, as are there more expensive options (some of our competitors charge up to six times as much as we do) – so why should you choose Penalty Pros over “the other guys” or even try to do the work yourself? At the risk of sounding defensive, here’s our pitch.


All of our manual penalty removal services, as well as our penalty protection service, come fully guaranteed. We believe in our ability to deliver – therefore we take the risk.

Incomparable experience.

When you work with Penalty Pros, you get the benefit of specialist experience. Whilst there’s an infinite amount of content online about penalty removal, most of it is written by generalist SEO agencies whose core competency (and experience) is NOT penalty removal. At Penalty Pros, our focus and speciality is penalty removal, and we’ve successfully serviced hundreds of clients.

We've already made the mistakes so you don't have to.
We’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Yes, you could rely on your normal SEO agency (who are probably outsourcing to us), or try to do it yourself, but with Penalty Pros, you get the benefit of experience and a highly strategic approach to penalty removal, ensuring that you get back on track as quickly as possible.

A completely manual approach.

We have yet to find a competitor within our price range that provides a completely manual approach to penalty analysis. Whilst there are some fantastic tools out there, their analysis is algorithmic, which ultimately cannot come close to the accuracy of an experienced analyst manually sifting through your links at Penalty Pros. Our manual approach ensures that we cut the bad and keep the good.

Top-notch service

When you deal with Penalty Pros, you can be assured of 5-Star service every step of the way. We’re not a big-name agency that treats you like another number, nor a “hinglish” outsourcer that leaves you frustrated due to the language barrier. Our service is our selling point, and we’re here to help you succeed, whatever it takes.

Stellar service is priority numero uno at Penalty Pros.
Stellar service is priority numero uno at Penalty Pros.

A 100% hands-off service

At Penalty Pro, we aim to make the penalty removal process as hands-off as possible for you. We won’t nag you for anything other than the necessary access to get our work done. That said, we’re completely transparent and are more than happy to provide deliverables and reports for your review and sign off, should you wish.

Enough gloating…

Of course, we can toot our horn all day long, but there’s only one way to really experience the Penalty Pros service – get in touch with us! We commit to respond to all legitimate enquiries within 24 hours (M-F), so email us on hello@penaltypros.com or submit your details below.

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