Why Choose Penalty Pros

100% Manual Analysis

Machine link analysis will always result in false positives. Our link analysis is 100% manual, performed by one of our experienced backlink analysts.

Unrivalled Experience

When you work with Penalty Pros, you get the benefit of specialist experience. Having lifted hundreds of manual penalties, we know what works and what doesn't.

Hands-Off Service

Unlike others, we take care of the entire process - from link analysis, to removal, disavowal and reconsideration requests. It's completely hands-off.

What Our Clients Say

Paul Nute - Google Penalty Removal

I would recommend without hesitation Penalty Pros to get your Google penalty removed. Upon giving Derek the green light to proceed with the reconsideration request, it was exactly 6 short days before the beautiful notification came though Webmaster Tools that the penalty had been revoked!

 It’s been 2 weeks and 4 days since he submitted our reconsideration request.  Today our manual spam action was removed!  Now we’ll be back on track to make the $60k-$80k/month we lost because of this penalty!  Thank you Derek and Penalty Pros!

Our first company’s penalty was revoked within a few days, and we were almost back to full ranking within 7-15 days. And we’re even seeing some stronger activity than before. I definitely recommend Penalty Pros…they did exactly what they said they would.

We used Penalty Pros to lift our Google manual penalty. They stayed on the task until completed through two reconsideration requests and they were able to get the penalty completely removed.  

Guaranteed Google Penalty Removal & Recovery

If you’re on this site, the unthinkable has probably happened… you’ve been hit by a Google penalty. Your site now ranks lower than ever before, your revenue has significantly decreased and you’re struggling to generate any Google organic traffic…

But Why Did Google Issue A Penalty?

Most of the time – it’s down to the fact your website is not complaint with Google’s guidelines, whether you realise it or not… This leaves a sour taste in many people’s mouths because they THOUGHT they were doing everything by the book, or they hired an SEO agency to do the work for them and the SEO had taken shortcuts which led to the Google penalty.

Don’t Despair – The Google Penalty Pros Are Here To Help

Here at Penalty Pros our job and commitment to you is that we will remove your Google penalty and recover in the shortest period possible – no ifs or buts, just guaranteed Google penalty removal and recovery.

Our 4 Step Google Penalty Removal Process

Our four step Google penalty removal process has been successfully tried and tested removing hundreds of Google penalties for our clients. The process is as follows:

The Google Penalty Removal Process

The Penalty Pros Google Penalty Removal Process

You can read more about our penalty removal process here.

Unrivalled Google Penalty Removal Experience.

We’ve successfully lifted hundreds of manual penalties (partial match and sitewide), and countless algorithmic penalties and filters.

To date, we have a 100% success rate removing penalties and our clients typically see fantastic rankings and traffic improvements after their penalties have been removed. But don’t take our word for it – check out our penalty removal case studies and client testimonials.

Why Choose The Penalty Pros?

It’s really quite simple:

  • Completely Hands Off Service – when you hire us, you can get back to working on the things that matter in your business. We take care of the full process, from backlink analysis to reconsideration requests.
  • 100% Manual Link Analysis – we’re one of very few companies that manually review your backlinks. No algorithms, filters or machine analysis. When you hire us, a trained link analysis checks every link and assesses it against a multitude of quality metrics.
  • 100% Success Rate – our success rate speaks for itself. When you hire us, you’re joining hundreds of customers that have had their penalties revoked by the Penalty Pros.
  • Guaranteed Penalty Removal – very few things in life are guaranteed, but when you hire Penalty Pros, you’re guaranteed a speedy Google penalty removal or your money back.

At Penalty Pros, we put a LOT of man hours into every Google penalty removal, yet we still manage to remain competitive with prices starting from just $1500 for a complete Google penalty removal.

Get Your Google Penalty Removed & Recover Your Rankings

If you’re ready to finally rid yourselves of those pesky Google penalties – get in touch today and let us handle everything!

To your success,

The Penalty Pros Team

P.S. Still not convinced? Check out some of our case studies and testimonials!